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4 People You Need On Your Plant-Based Lifestyle Team

A woman who heals herself, her family, and the people around her is a special woman. May we be her, may we know her, may we raise her.

Women take on the responsibility of being and doing a lot in this world. And although we are born naturally nurtures; we need a team that steps in to fill, support, and tend to our needs as well.

You can call us superwoman but even superwoman needs people with her best interest at heart.

Showing up in the world as many things to many people can drain you. And taking on the brave task to change to a plant-based lifestyle can be an unpopular choice so here are 4 people that you should incorporate into your plant-based lifestyle team to make the journey more manageable.

1. You

You are the most important person on this team so of course, you would make the #1 spot. This entire process has started because of you and your choice to advocate for a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Congratulations, I’m proud of you!

Choosing to make a lifestyle change of any kind is courageous. It shows growth and a shift in mindset.

In order for this journey to take place, you had to be brave enough to take the step to move forward. There may be times you doubt your decision and you may even have setbacks but as long as you keep trying you are already winning.

These are things you should consider about yourself when questioning why you made this team:

  • Who better is there to do what is best for me?

  • What attributes do you bring to this team?

  • Do I believe in my heart that this is what's best for me?

You are the only you, unique, non-replaceable, and most important attribute to this entire team.

2. Healthcare Provider

It is of the utmost importance to have a healthcare provider that believes in the same principles of your health as you.

The healthcare provider and patient relationship is an important one. Feeling like you can express and have support from your healthcare provider is a maker or breaker.

Caring about the types of medications you put into your body or wanting a more holistic approach to healthcare are things you should evaluate when deciding to change your lifestyle.

Find a healthcare provider that supports, is knowledgeable, and has experience in living the lifestyle you are working towards.

Remember this journey is all about making decisions that are best for you. And adding a physician that is going to support that mission is more beneficial than you know.

3. Support System

I saw this YouTube video I thought was so true and funny at the same. The woman stated nobody ever cared about what she ate until she said she was going plant-based.

Let me just warn you that everybody is going to have an option and/or suggestion on why and what you need to eat. All of your family all of a sudden turn into full-blown nutritionists but they all have high blood pressure and diabetes.

I would recommend finding a person that is going through the process as well. You both can be accountability partners, supporters, and sounding boards during the hard times.

Although I’m sure your family loves you dearly and will eventually support your choice, they probably aren’t the best option for your support system at this time.

A better choice may be a friend with the same mindset that is serious about going plant-based or finding someone in a plant-based forum, support group, and comments section of a plant-based social media page.

4. Spiritual Belief System

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on the old, but on building the new.

I’m not here to convert you to any form of belief but whatever higher power you believe in, carry it into your journey.

Take time to connect to that higher power in times of frustration and even in times of success.

Remember to have grace and patience with yourself as God has with you.

Surprisingly it’s not surprising, that most people that change to a plant-based lifestyle go through this change in their spiritual connection. Be open to what this journey has in store for you.

I once heard someone say that teamwork is at the heart of a great achievement and from my experience I find that statement to be true.

Whether you are working as a team in marriage, friendships, motherhood, etc. working together from a place of love leaves you in a space to achieve greatness.

Start with you, your spiritual belief, and what you want your team to bring to you. Based on that; find your physician and the individual(s) you want supporting you in your journey.

Comment below, 4 people you need on your team for your journey. Follow us on Instagram and we would love it if you said hello.

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